Rostons Seminars Success

In the last month Rostons have held a round of seminars across Cheshire, Shropshire and North Wales at Knutsford to Tarporley, Whitchurch, Llangollen and St Asaph.

The seminar covered such topics as CAP reform, land values, rents and contract farming.

The feedback received from attendees was extremely positive, but the one apparent thing that Tony Rimmer, Director of Rostons, noticed is that there is a lack of simple information available about the new CAP Reform. 

Tony commented “that whilst much of the detail is yet to emerge, we do have the broad bare bones of the new scheme but the implications of Greening especially Crop Diversification have yet to be fully understood by many farmers.  This is particularly worrying as they will be shortly, if not already done so, ordering winter cereals for sowing this autumn.  Many livestock farmers feel it is unlikely to affect them, but with the upturn in recent years of dairy and stock farmers growing more cereals, many may find themselves over the 24.5 acre threshold where crop diversification applies.”

If you are a farmer discussion group or wish to organise a group of farmers and require a speaker Tony and the Rostons team would be delighted to attend.