Rostons Press Release – Basic Payment – Accountable People

It has recently been announced that the RPA seem unlikely to require the details of the well publicised “accountable people” requirement that was needed as part of the Basic Payment 2016 terms.

Originally it was proposed that all people that were accountable and associated within a business that was claiming Basic Payment over the summer, would need to provide full details of their accountable people.

Carys Studley of Rostons comments that “when we met with all our Basic Payment Clients we obtained information such as their National Insurance Number and percentage stake in the business, such that when the window opened to provide such information, it could be done straight away”.

It is disappointing now to hear that the RPA are changing their rules once again and as of the 30 June 2016 the provision of this information should no longer be payment limiting in terms of the 2016 payments, or agri-environment payments.

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