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Despite the current situation, we have seen a resurgence in Utilities and Public Works has led to more involvement for clients of the Rostons Team.

Compensation is always payable where damage and loss are caused by any third party taking access to land which you occupy, invariably this access is taken by the Utilities, such as gas, electric, water, but can be private sewage connections, private Rights of Way and a number of other such activities, we are also seeing increased use of Compulsory Purchase powers for new infrastructure projects, from footpath widening to new road and rail projects.

Recent new instructions include access by water and electricity companies for maintenance and emergency repairs and the resulting loss of crop, drainage issues arising from blocked highways drains on the M6 and a tenant who’s land is being compulsory acquired for a new footpath and cycleway. 

If you believe you are affected by any schemes where compensation is likely to be payable, then please contact the Rostons Team for advice. Invariably fees are paid for by the acquiring authority, so our advice and assistance do not cost you anything!

For more information how the Rostons team can help, call 01829 773000 or email