Rostons Farmer’s Meeting a Success

The first of a series of Farmer’s Meetings hosted by Rostons, Chartered Surveyors, took place on the evening of the 14 January at St Asaph.

 Hot on the heels of the days announcements from Alun Davies, Minister for

Natural Resources and Food, the meeting had a good turnout of farmers who were interested to learn how the changes to the current Single Farm Payment regime will affect their farming businesses.

 Tony Rimmer, a Director of Rostons, that hosted the event said there was certainly a hunger from those in attendance to fully understand the implications on their business.  Whilst much of the detail is not available as each member state has not published how they will implement the scheme, there is much of the framework in place which means we can look at the impact on individual farms.

 The key issues and unknowns which clarification is still required on is how the phasing of the historic element of SPS entitlement will take place in Wales and equally how the history will be apportioned across the land farmed/claimed in 2015.

 The one fact that is clear is that there is going to be less money in the pot and as such farmers income from Single Farm Payment in the main will decrease.

 The recent announcement of three regions does make it clear to Tony that the Minister is looking to move payments up the hill in line with what has been published in England.

 The interactive demonstration of Rural Payment Wales on-line created much interest as to how the digital by default option is likely to work in the new scheme.

 Further Seminars and updates from Rostons will take place over the coming months and if you are concerned as to how Single Farm Payment will affect you, then please contact the Rostons Team.