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110 Acres
55 Acres
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We currently have the following parcels of land available to let.

Land currently on the books and available:

  • 110 acres (or thereabouts) of permanent pasture land available near Mollington, Chester on an agreement of up to 3 years.
  • 40 acres (or thereabouts) of maize land available near Marston, Northwich on an annual agreement.
  • 55 acres (or thereabouts) of mowing or grazing land available near Church Minshull on an annual agreement.
  • 140 acres (or thereabouts) of productive pasture split into 2 blocks (86.02 acres and 53.92 acres) available to mow in 2020 with a view to putting a longer-term agreement in place. Land located near Church Minshull.

Please contact us for more information regarding each plot.

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