Location, location, location

Whitegates FarmThe general dearth of good sized farms continues to impact on the land sales market in Cheshire where land continues to achieve between £8,000 and £10,000 per acre.

In many cases the figure is even higher but, as has been the case with property from time in memorial, location is the key factor.

In the right location with a number of people interested, it can make above the top end of the range and indeed in some cases upwards of £12,000 per acre.

Generally, the market is being led by agri business buyers i.e. those who have invested strongly in their business and are running good, efficient outfits, whether they are arable, dairy or other livestock.

Young stock farms, or farms suited as young stock units, remain in demand and a decently-sized and equipped dairy unit would create substantial interest but Tony Rimmer, Director of Rostons, believes this would need to be in excess of 300 acres to really attract the interest, and ideally the 300 acres within a ring fence and a good grazing platform.

If you are considering the future and wondering whether to sell then please contact Tony Rimmer on a confidential basis.