HS2 Phase 2B Western Leg Design Refinement And Safeguarding

Today, 7th October 2020, HS2 has published further plans which include a consultation and extensions to the current safeguarding areas.

In brief, there is a consultation as follows:

  • The addition of Crewe Northern Connection and changes to the design of Crewe North Rolling Stock Depot
  • Changes to the design of Manchester Airport High Speed Station
  • Changes to the design around Manchester Piccadilly High Speed Station
  • The introduction of new train stabling facilities at Annandale in Dumfries and Galloway

In addition, there have been 3 route wide updates which are as follows:

1. A feedback report and Government decision following the June 2019 Consultation. The includes confirmation of the following:

  • Temporary construction railhead and permanent maintenance facility at Ashly.
  • Passive provision for two junctions at High Legh

2. A route wide update
3. An update to safeguarding

The update to safeguarding affects the entire route, in addition, there have been some major new landholdings included for borrow pits, both close to the line and in the Byley area.

In the next week or so, HS2 will be issuing additional Licences for Environmental Surveys and
Ground Investigation Surveys to those landowners affected.

Tony Rimmer comments “The impact this update will have on landowners and occupiers, not just along the route of the track, but also further afield is heart-breaking and I would urge anyone receiving
paperwork form HS2 to seek professional advice”.

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