HS2 Phase 2B Update

On the 6th June 2019, HS2 announced a number of significant alterations in relation to amending the design as well as further safeguarding of land in relation to HS2 Phase 2B.

The main amendments to the western leg of Phase 2B (Crewe to Manchester) are as follows:

  • A temporary construction rail head at Ashley between HS2 and the existing Knutsford to Manchester line.
  • A permanent maintenance facility as Ashley.
  • An additional new junction at Hoo Green from London to Liverpool.
  • An additional new junction at High Legh from Manchester to Liverpool.

There are various other amendments on the eastern leg of Phase 2B and a consultation is now open until the 6th September 2019 for both legs. Anyone impacted by these proposed amendments are urged to respond to the consultation with their views and whether they support the proposals or not.

There are a number of consultation events that have been published to enable those affected to meet with HS2 and discuss their concerns.

HS2 have also updated the land that is now safeguarded as part of the scheme which confirms that this land will be used as part of the proposed high speed railway and if any of this land forms part of a planning application, HS2 will become a consultee with regard to that planning application.

In December 2018 HS2 undertook a consultation for the draft Environmental Statement which they have now provided a 450 page document in response to this. HS2 have also now updated all of the various compensation schemes available to land owners, either side of the safeguarded route.

Tom Selby of Rostons stated “HS2 stated that there would be a design consultation with regard to particular areas however, the uncertainty of the new junction at Hoo Green and High Legh will result in a large amount of uncertainty where the spurs will actually continue to between Manchester and Liverpool. The new safeguarding of land may result in land owners or occupiers now being able to force HS2 to acquire the property where they were not able to previously and should seek professional advice with regard to this. The proposals are not yet set in stone and depending on the information gathered from the consultation, will determine if they will be adopted or not, hence anyone impacted should respond.”