HS2 Phase 2B Update

The HS2 Phase 2B working draft Environmental Statement has been published today (11th October 2018). The Environmental Statement is a substantial assessment of the impact of the proposed scheme which has to be submitted as part of the Hybrid Bill. The draft Environmental Statement details the loss of residential/commercial property, damage to protective species and habitats, impact of noise and visual impact and the affect on farm businesses.

The Hybrid Bill for Phase 2B is expected to be laid before Parliament in mid 2020 which has been pushed back a further 12 months.

There are a number of volumes and 28 community areas that distinguish areas along the scheme and more importantly, there are proposed permanent and temporary plans along the whole route which show the working area and permanent land take for the scheme.

A 10 week consultation will open where anyone can respond formally to the draft Environmental Impact Assessment.

Tony Rimmer of Rostons states “In our experience in dealing with HS2, it is imperative that anyone affected by this scheme responds formally to this consultation. When petitioning in the Houses of Parliament earlier this year, we found that referring to the consultations that have been formally received by HS2 were of great benefit when it came to requesting amendments to the proposed scheme.”

If you are affected by the scheme, we would advise anyone to take professional advice in relation to this matter.