HS2 Phase 2A – Royal Assent

On 11th February 2021, HS2 received Royal Assent for Phase 2A of the scheme from Birmingham to Crewe. In effect, this now rubber stamps the Act and gives HS2 the compulsory purchaser powers they need to not only acquire land and property, as part of the scheme but also to physically build the railway and all associated works.

It has taken some time to get to this point, when the bill was originally deposited in Spring 2018, Rostons represented a number of clients petitioning in the House of Commons, these assurances and undertakings will take affect with the future construction of the scheme.

HS2 are now looking to ramp up efforts to liaise and contact Landowners/occupiers affected by the scheme and will look to undertake further surveys with further detailed design along the route. The enabling of the Act has opened up further compensation measures for some properties in close proximity to the route, who may be able to claim a one-off payment, depending on how close they are to the railway.

Tom Selby of Rostons says “This will be a huge scheme throughout the North West Midlands where we work and can only hope moving forward that there is further engagement with regard to the design process to look to minimise the impact on farm holdings.

It is integral that those affected keep detailed records and timesheets, as these will only be scrutinised further down the line once the works are complete and agents try to settle claims.”

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