HS2 Phase 2A and Phase 2B update

The Secretary of State has announced the depositing of the Hybrid Bill for HS2 Phase 2A from Birmingham to Crewe and confirmation of the route north of Crewe being Phase 2B.

There were seven route refinements consulted on for HS2 Phase 2B, however, all of those on the western leg have not changed and are as per the preferred route announced in December 2016. The timescales for Phase 2B are:

  • From now through to 2018 the Design, Development & Environmental Assessment
  • 2018 – Expected consultation on the working draft Environmental Impact Assessment and potential route refinement.
  • 2019 – Phase 2B Hybrid Bill deposited into Parliament.
  • 2022 – Royal Assent
  • 2023 – Construction begins
  • 2033 – Operations begin

The timescale for HS2 Phase 2A is likely to obtain Royal Assent in 2019 and the construction is likely to start shortly after this with it being open by 2027.

HS2 have produced maps and plans showing the temporary and permanent land take that has been included within the Hybrid Bill for Phase 2A and this will have a significant effect on those agricultural holdings affected by the scheme, where in some cases have lost 50% of their holding for temporary land take for the construction of the scheme.

Rostons have a number of clients who will be significantly impacted as a result of this scheme and we can only hope that landowners and occupiers are treated fairly and with respect, which has been an ongoing issue since this proposal was first announced.