HS2 Phase 2A & Phase 2B Update

HS2 Phase 2A

This is the section between Birmingham and Crewe where the Hybrid Bill was submitted into in July 2017. We have just finished petitioning in front of the Select Committee at the Houses of Parliament. This enabled Rostons to raise individual concerns on behalf of Land Owners and Occupiers affected by the route. It was evident from this round of petitioning that responding to the Environmental draft Consultations and Hybrid Bill Consultations ensuring there is a paper trail of evidence so that when before the Committee you can show HS2 have not responded to points previously raised.

HS2 Phase 2B

Earlier this month, HS2 held a number of information events with a number of updated plans showing the temporary and permanent land take effecting the route from Crewe up to Manchester. These are draft drawings will continually evolve as they continue to undertake surveys, environmental and noise monitoring surveys in close proximity to the proposed route. There will be a formal draft environmental consultation report published towards the end of 2018. Those affected will be able to formally respond to the consultation which we would urge any Land Owners or Occupiers to do.

At Rostons, we have also been making a number of Atypical Applications for properties to be purchased, these are where they do not meet the statutory compensation measures or the discretionary HS2 compensation measures. You must prove that the property does not meet these particular schemes and HS2 will as an exception purchase.

If you are affected by the scheme or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Rostons team at the office.