Four funding focus points

Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme Update – Claims for round 2 applications now must be submitted by Midnight 31st July 2020. Round 3 is likely to be pushed back from this Autumn to early 2021.

Improving Farm Productivity Grants and Growth Program Grants – not open to new applications. But the RPA is issuing deadline extensions for those who are mid-project. Be realistic, one longer extension will be eyed more favorably than multiple smaller ones. Remember – you can submit early. 

Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants – available with management options or as a standalone agreement. These cover items such as renewing concrete yards, cow trackways, and stock proof fencing. Ensure you order a pack by 31st May and submit applications by 31st July 2020. Agreements (and works) will commence in January 2021. 

Countryside Stewardship Payments for 2019 – the RPA will issue bridging payments of 75% of 2019 claims to all eligible parties in May. 

Countryside stewardship in a nutshell: 

Applications enter land into a 5-year agreement beginning on 1st January 2021. Owner-occupiers, landlords, and tenants can all apply but only one agreement can cover each land parcel. Not all land must be entered into an application. Wildlife Offers are the simplest type of agreement requiring the Applicant to select just 3 management options. If you enter into ANY agreement you will not be able to cut non-roadside hedges every year, they can be cut one year in 2/3 depending. If you can comply with this consider: 

Are you an intensive farmer. Do you need every acre for silage and slurry?

Are there any unproductive areas that do not receive fertiliser or areas that could be planted with bird mix or wildflowers to receive £200+ / acre per annum or left as uncut grass?

Are you next to a watercourse or have ponds and ditches on land which could have buffers?

Are you interested in capital grants for fencing, replacement concreting, hedging etc? This will have to be completed between 2021-2023 with payment made and then the grant claimed back

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