Rostons Fodder Bank

Rostons Farm to Farm Fodder Bank

A simple process where farmers can register any surplus fodder with Rostons and anybody looking for fodder can view a list on the website or contact the office for the latest availability.

Currently Available

  • 400 1st cut round bales for sale in the Buerton area.
  • 100 Round Wheat Straw bales in the Nantwich area.
  • 400 Quad Haylage bales in Telford area.
  • 120 round haylage bales in the Frodsham area.

If you have surplus fodder, or have a need for fodder for further information contact Carys Studley on 01829 773000


  • Grazing for Sheep & Cattle
  • Clamped Grass Silage

For further information contact the Rostons office on 01829 773000