Entitlement Wanted

New Year and the arrival of Entitlement Statements and Claim Statements in December has prompted many enquiries in the Rostons Entitlement Trading Department

There is now 9 weeks until the deadline for submitting the RLE 1 transfer forms. Rostons urge potenetial vendors of Entitlement to bring any entitlement they may have to sell to the market sooner rather then later to try and alleviate the last minute rush and fluctuations in the market.  Rostons are now receiving many calls from potential buyers looking for various amount of Entitlement.  Prices are expected to remain firm as we approach the deadline with recent deal being agreed between £230 – £240 per hectare.

For further information on buying or selling of Entitlement please contact Sam Catling, Siwan Roberts or Ros Rimmer on 01829 773000