Enititlement Trading Picks Up a Pace !

As we start to countdown the weeks of trading left we have certainly noticed a increase in amount of enquires to buy and sell Entitlement over the last week.

Entitlements are coming onto the books and being sold within hours currently sales are being agreed at between £235 – £240. We are sensing that there is plenty of demand for Entitlement at the moment and therefore predict prices will remain at this level, unless we see a last minute flood of Entitlement coming onto the market.

We recommend that potential vendors wanting to sell Entitlement should get their Entitlement on the market sooner rather than later to beat any last minute rush, or possible dip in the market.

For further information on buying or selling of Entitlement please contact Sam Catling, Siwan Roberts or Ros Rimmer on 01829 773000