English Basic Payment Rates Set For 2020

The RPA has published the Basic Payment Scheme entitlement values and greening rates for 2020.

Carys Studley, of Rostons Land and Property experts, comments that “the BPS exchange rate for 2020 will be the same as in 2019 at €1 = £0.89”

The rates that have been set for payments are as follows:

Entitlement Type

Entitlement Value

Greening Value

Total Payment per Hectare





SDA Other




Moorland SDA




Carys comments further to state that “Farmers are set to see a slight increase in their payments this year, following the decision not to make the usual Financial Discipline deduction from 2020 payments, as has been the case in the past.”

The Rural Payments Agency are preparing for payments to be made in the beginning of December and they will have until June to make up to 95% of payments to successful applicants.

“We actively encourage our clients to check their payment is correct by contacting us at the office, where we can run through your claim and see if there have been any deductions which may need to be appealed via a Payment Query Form. Likewise, if you haven’t received your payment by later on in December, we are doing all we can to push through payments with the RPA.”

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