Cross Compliance – Hedgerow Derogation – Oil Seed Rape or Temporary Grass – Application Available

Under the cross compliance rules, GAEC 7A states that the cutting or trimming of hedges are banned between 1st March and 31st August 2017.

Carys Studley of Rostons, Rural Chartered Surveyors based in Cheshire, comments however that “if you are intending on sowing Oil Seed Rape or Temporary Grass in August 2017, you can now apply for a derogation so that any hedges associated with those field parcels can be trimmed or cut in August.”

The derogation can be applied for in writing to the RPA providing the details of the field parcels you wish to apply for.

If you need any assistance or an application carried out, please contact the Rostons team on 01829 773000.