Land is a scarce resource and demand for land for non­ agricultural use has never been higher – so neither has the need for expert advice and service when making compensation claims.

The Rostons team already has an excellent track record fighting to get clients as much compensation as they can. Remember – “If you do not ask you do not get.

Our detailed knowledge of the law combined with our innovative approaches to maximising payments ensure land owners and occupiers receive their full compensation. Invariably fees are paid by the utility company involved.

Our comprehensive service incorporates checking rights, negotiating payments, liaison with solicitors and undertaking pre-entry records of conditions where appropriate.

This may include:

  • Hedge Damage Claims
  • Pipelines and cables – easements and wayleave negotiations
  • Renewable / Wind/PV
  • Road / rail schemes­ – HS2
  • Telecom masts, lease renewals, rent reviews

Whatever the claim, our skills in negotiating entry payments, easements, crop loss and disturbance are an integral part of our service.

We are proud to announce that Rostons are acting for the majority of claimants on the National Grid HVDC line, numerous overhead line refurbishments and United Utilities’ maintenance and construction schemes.

Access to the region’s railways is becoming more regular as Railtrack improves its network so we can negotiate access payments and agree terms for licences. The new high speed rail link from London to Manchester will pass through the region and Rostons are already acting for clients.

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HS2 Information
Learn more about HS2 compensation – click here

Why use Rostons?

  • We only act for farmers and land owners, therefore there is no conflict of interest
  • We specialise in fighting for you to get the compensation you deserve
  • We want to help you so that together we can provide a sustainable future for our region’s agricultural businesses
  • Fees are paid by the acquiring authority
  • If you are approached for access to your land make Rostons your first point of contact!

For further information contact the Rostons office on 01829 773000