HS2 Phase 2A

HS2 Phase 2A – Royal Assent

On 11th February 2021, HS2 received Royal Assent for Phase 2A of the scheme from Birmingham to Crewe. In effect, this now rubber stamps the Act and gives HS2 the compulsory purchaser powers they need to not only acquire land and property, as part of the scheme but also to physically build the railway and … Read more

Transpennine Rail Link

Transpennine Rail Link To Take More Of The North West Agricultural Land

Recently plans have been submitted to a Government-backed review that envisages running HS2 services through a tunnel under Manchester before crossing The Pennines to Bradford, Leeds, York and Newcastle. It would in effect combine the plans for HS2 with the proposed Northern Powerhouse Rail Project which will link Liverpool with Leeds. It is not so … Read more

HS2 Update

HS2 Update – June 2020

Despite the ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, HS2 is continuing, albeit the legislative process has been delayed, the current position of both Phase 2A and Phase 2B is as follows. Phase 2A West Midlands to Crewe The Bill is currently before the House of Lords Select Committee, which has been suspended due to COVID-19, a date … Read more

HS2 Phase 2A & 2B Update

The much talked about Oakervee Report on HS2 and its future which was expected to be published in the Autumn of 2019, this has now been delayed while the General Election takes place, it is now expected to be released in early 2020. It is expected to do away with the eastern leg of Phase 2B from Birmingham to Leeds and there is talk of downgrading Crewe to Manchester to a normal speed line rather than a high-speed line.

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HS2 Under Review

“Whether and how we proceed” were the words of The Prime Minister in relation to reviewing HS2, ahead of the ‘Notice to Proceed’ decision for Phase 1 from London to the West Midlands, which is due at the end of 2019.

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HS2 Update: Independent Review Of HS2

The Prime Minister has stated his wish to review “whether and how we proceed” with HS2, ahead of the ‘Notice to Proceed’ decision for Phase 1 from London to the West Midlands, due at the end of 2019.

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HS2 Phase 2B Update

On the 6th June 2019, HS2 announced a number of significant alterations in relation to amending the design as well as further safeguarding of land in relation to HS2 Phase 2B.

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HS2 Phase 2B Ground Investigation Survey Update

Further to HS2 issuing Ground Investigation Survey Licences to land owners and occupiers during the Summer of 2018, entry is now being scheduled to take place from June 2019 for a period of 9 weeks. This will be to carry out Non-Intrusive Surveys carried out mainly on foot or occasionally by using a small vehicle or 4×4 to carry equipment, it will not involve any excavations at this stage.

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