Basic Payment – don’t miss the boat!

cowWith the latest round of Single Farm Payment forms just completed, Rostons Director Tony Rimmer is concerned that many farmers have failed to grasp the important changes that will arise from the 2015 Basic Payment Scheme.

With many farmers beginning to plan how they will deal with the Greening issues and the associated Ecological Focus Areas and Crop Diversification it’s clear that greater understanding and professional advice is needed.

Already a number of new clients – people who haven’t previously sought help with their Single Farm Payment Forms – have come to Rostons for help and advice because of the complexities of the changes.

If you believe you may need more assistance in completing your Basic Payment Scheme claim in 2015, then please consider instructing Rostons sooner rather than later.

No costs will be incurred for you just advising that you wish us to make your claim, but it will ensure you are on our system and in the pipeline to assist you with any of the preliminaries that will be required later this year.

We anticipate an increase in the amount of clients seeking advice so, to ensure we can maintain our high standards, there is a limit to the number we can take on. Please do not miss out if you want our proactive, professional, detailed advice.

Don’t delay, phone or email us.