HS2 line to cause devastation to Cheshire’s Dairy Farms

“The announcement of the proposed HS2 Link earlier this week is likely to cause considerable angst for some of Cheshire’s leading dairy farms” quotes Tony Rimmer. 

The proposed route takes a sway through the heart of the Cheshire countryside.

Whilst many pressure groups are concerned over the implications to the countryside in the green belt Tony Rimmer, Director of Rostons, is extremely concerned about the impact on some of Cheshire’s leading dairy herds. 

The area it passes through has some of Cheshire’s best dairy farms and also some of the largest. 

This is going to cause significant problems to these dairy farmers with cow movements, with some farms appearing to be split in two and the movement of cows across this area when there are in excess of 500 cows on some of these herds, will cause considerable inconvenience. 

Having been involved in similar schemes in the past Tony Rimmer, Director of Rostons, urges those that think they may be affected to ensure they have their interests represented at an early stage. 

If you believe you are affected and want representation contact Tony Rimmer on 01829 773000, email: tonyrimmer@rostons.co.uk.


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Entitlement Trading Update

In the light of the increased demand for entitlements, Rostons are still urging anyone with surplus entitlements to consider selling. Similarly, those who leased in Naked Acres last year may also wish to consider selling.

Having previously carried out Naked Land transfers, Rostons this year do not believe that a Naked Land Transfer would satisfy the increased RPA criteria when determining what satisfies having “land at your disposal”, regardless of what is worded in the agreement or implemented on the ground.  We feel that any agreement would fall foul at inspection and would be potentially subject to penalties or repayment.

With English Non SDA Entitlements trading at £240/ha, trading is swift and deals are being agreed within hours of an instruction to sell. English SDA entitlements have also reached a peak of £195/ha.

Please do not hesitate to contact the entitlement trading team should you wish to sell your entitlements.

Visit our dedicated entitlement trading website here

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