Valuation is at the core of much of our day to day work as agricultural valuers. Whilst there are always set factors that will dictate some elements of a valuation, much of what we do is an art developed through years of experience coupled with an understanding of needs and local knowledge.

We undertake valuations for a range of reasons, however one that is becoming increasingly important is Probate valuations, and the need to be clear about what should be included for Agricultural Property Relief. We have found that clear explanations are needed on the valuation report to avoid any questions coming back from HMRC/the District Valuer.

Another valuation we have seen a lot of recently is valuation for sale purposes. Farmers and landowners seem to be eager to gauge the value of their assets and whether it is worth possibly selling some outlying blocks of land. As a result of this we have seen a surge in properties going on the market over the past 12 months.

Andrew Wallace has now joined the Rostons team who brings along a wealth of experience and knowledge with regards to valuations. We now have 7 registered valuers on our team with a range of knowledge and experience. We look forward to working closely with you in the future with valuations and any other rural matter you or your clients may have.