Preparation For Basic Payment 2017

As the time of this article being written, the European Commission have not yet released the Greening Rules for the Basic Payment Scheme 2017.

It has, however, been confirmed that:

  • The 3 greening rules will still be in place, these are:
    • Crop Diversification
    • Ecological Focus Areas
    • Permanent Grassland – however this rule relates to each member state and should not be a concern to individual claimants.

It is understood that no major changes are planned, however, this is yet to be confirmed and is likely not to be published until the New Year.

Practically, we have put together a “to do” list in readiness of submitting your 2017 Claim, these are:

  1. 2017
    • Business Changes
      • Who is registered as an authorised person under your business?
      • Is your address, email and telephone numbers correct?
      • Check all of this information on the Rural Payments online system.
    • Land Changes
      • Since last year have you taken on any additional land which you are eligible to claim on?
      • Likewise, are you confident that all the land on your claim this year is at your disposal on the 15 May 2017?
    • Entitlements
      • Do you have surplus entitlements which you could sell and gain another income?
      • Or do you need any more to maximise your claim and investment.
      • Contact us as soon as possible if you do – we are trading English and Welsh Entitlements now!
    • Greening
      • Have you checked your greening for 2017 prior to sowing any autumn crops?
      • Check with Rostons if you have any concerns now, then there will be time to deal with a possible issue prior to sowing any spring crops.


Whilst May 2017 may still feel a long way away, after all, we have not even rang in the New Year. But experience has shown us that preparation is key to a smooth and stress free BPS submission!