Agricultural Bill Becomes Law

The Landmark Agricultural Bill was passed into UK Law on 11th November 2020.

This Act details what is to happen over the next 7 years with the “Agricultural Transition” period of 2021/2027 with the phasing out of the Basic Payment Scheme, delinking of direct payments and the introduction of the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS).

Continuing the themes that have been much talked about over recent years, the Bill is able to help farmers stay competitive, increase productivity, invest in new technology and seek a fairer return for the market place.

It further sets out how farms and land managers in England will be rewarded in the future with public money for “public goods” such as better air and water quality, thriving wildlife, soil health or measures to reduce flooding and tackle the effects of climate change. This will be in conjunction with the Environment Bill which is going through parliament at a similar time.

The Rostons team continue to monitor all of the legislation and announcement such that we can keep our clients and potential clients fully informed of developments.

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