A Further 2000 Claimants Receive Their BPS Payment

The RPA have announced a further 1,972 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments were made last week taking the total number of claims paid to farmers to 68,572 representing 78.7% of all eligible farmers in England and £1.043 billion, out of a fund of £1.43 billion having been paid.

Throughout February the RPA will continue to make payments, as they are checked and completed. Claims which include common land, land that was inspected and cross-border cases are being progressed as quickly as possible. The RPA has contacted those farmers in these groups to let them know when they can expect to be paid.

RPA Chief Executive Mark Grimshaw said:

“We understand the importance of these payments for farmers and every effort is being made to pay farmers as quickly as possible. We are listening to farmers and understand that they want more communication. We know that farmers need as much information as possible to manage their business. That’s why we have been making regular announcements on the progress with BPS 2015 payments and will continue to do so.”

Tony Rimmer of Rostons stated “The vast majority of our clients have received their payment however it is only three months until the deadline for the 2016 claims. A number of claimants depend on these subsidy payments; the late payments and low commodity prices throughout the sector are a double blow for those affected. I only hope we are not in the same position this time next year.”

For further information contact the Rostons office on 01829 773000