HS2 – Information & Compensation

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a government scheme to construct a new high speed railway network connecting London, the West Midlands, Leeds and Manchester.

HS2 has been split into Phase 1 (London to West Midlands) and Phase 2 (West Midlands to Manchester and Leeds). Phase 2 has been split into Phase 2A and Phase 2B.

Phase 2A – Fradley to Crewe

Is your property affected? Click here to view the proposed route.

Phase 2A is now due to open 6 years earlier than planned, allowing construction to start in 2020/21.

The reason for opening Phase 2A earlier is to release the economic benefit to the northwest through rail connections.

To ensure that HS2 has compulsory purchase powers to undertake Phase 2A, a Hybrid Bill has been introduced into Parliament in 2017 with the aim of obtaining Royal Ascent in 2019. A Hydrid Bill mixes the characteristics of Public and Private Bills.

Phase 2B – Crewe to Manchester

Is your property affected? Click here to view the proposed route.

HS2 have announced their confirmed route as detailed above.

The time scales are as follows:

2018 – Draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) based on initial preliminary design,
2019 – Deposit of Phase 2b Hybrid Bill in Parliament with the Environmental Statement
2022 – Royal Assent for Phase 2b.
2023 – Construction commences for Phase 2b
2033 – The proposed scheme is due to open

The Government has introduced two compensation measures; The Express Purchase scheme, the Rural Support Zone and the Need to Sell scheme. These have been opened to avoid any unnecessary delay in getting assistance to those with a statutory entitlement or a compelling reason to sell their property.

Rostons only work for landowners and farmers and specialise in fighting for you to get the compensation you deserve and the necessary accommodation works, these can include underpasses, bridges and tracks, new accesses, drainage, fencing, water supplies, etc. Rostons are also working with the NFU and CLA on a working group committee for Phase 2A.

Tony Rimmer of Rostons has 25 years experience dealing with Compulsory Purchase matters and trained with Bruton Knowles working mainly on the side of the acquiring authority being involved in HS1.

Rostons are currently assisting clients affected by Phase 2A and are meeting with HS2 representatives to discuss a number of issues that have not been yet considered. Rostons also represent a number of clients affected by Phase 2B north of Crewe to Manchester.

If you believe your property is affected by HS2 contact us at info@rostons.co.uk or call 01829 773000

Latest HS2 News

HS2 Phase 2A and Phase 2B update

The Secretary of State has announced the depositing of the Hybrid Bill for HS2 Phase 2A from Birmingham to Crewe and confirmation of the route north of Crewe being Phase 2B.


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